• Extensive experience built over 20 years working in Computer Graphics covering every aspect of the field, very strong problem-solving skills devoted to pursuing the highest quality levels, in-depth knowledge of many off-the-shelf software packages, several scripting and programming languages, as well as CG theory and on-set experience.
    A thorough programming and electronics background also dedicated to museum and artistic installations, immersive multimedia, multiuser and interactive systems


Work Experience

  • Self Employed and freelancing: turin, italy : 2008-to date

    • August 2013- to date @Animoka, Torino
      Pipeline design and implementation for tv series 'CALIMERO’
      Tools and plugins development for production support. (r&d, maya, nuke, python)

    • October 2012- August 2013 @Mikros, Paris
      Production tools for vegetation creation and editing for full CG feature film 'Asterix et le domaine de Dieux’.
      Integration within Mikros production pipeline (Mel, Python)

    • October 2011- march 2012 @counterfeitfx, Milano
      Pipeline design and implementation:
      Shotgun integration within Maya,
      API creation for custom scripting integration (shotgun, python, pyqt)

    • October 2011 – june 2012 @imasterart, Torino
      Teaching Mel scripting for 'Advanced Maya' course

    • January 2010 – august 2011 @animoka, Torino
      FX Artist, R&D,
      Fluids and Particles (fx, Maya)
      Production tools implementation. (r&d, maya, mel, python)
      Pipeline design and implementation (r&d, maya, python, pyqt)

    • Visual effects for movies and TV productions.

    • Programming for web and computer vision application

    • Installation : "La Venexiana", Villa Capriglio (to), march 8th, 2009. Multitouch interactive table (Design, hardware and software implemantation).

  • Lumiq Studios : CG supervisor / Research TD : turin, italy : 2003-2008

    • Supervising visual effects, collaborating with producers and directors, QC-ing end products, responsible for meeting deadlines, solving technical problems, motivating and directing the CG team and its leads.and  ensuring quality control, respect of the deadlines, solving technical problems and providing clear directions and motivation to CG team and their lead.

    • Working with producers and directors to formulate and estimate costs and time, providing cost-effective solutions for CG productions.

    • Identifying, defining and implementing creative and production workflows and pipelines.

    • Working with the DoP and director on film sets to acquire the correct data required by the visual effects team.

    • Developing pipelines to handle multi-camera image-based animation in production environments (“The Stone Merchant”).

    • Writing several tools aimed at improving production efficiency.

    • Dynamic simulation of natural phenomena (“Donkey Xote”).

    • Software : MAYA, XSI, Shake, Image Modeler, PhotoModeler, Boujou, 3Dequalizer, Vue6, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

    • Programming Languages : Mel scripting language, C++, Python, VBScripts, JS, Perl

    • Main film productions :  “Il Mercante di Pietre”, “Anastezi”,”La bambina dalle mani sporche”,”Donkey Xote”

  • Chinatown : Technical Director / Research TD : milan, italy : 2002-2003

    • Lighting, rigging, EFX and generic pipeline scripting

    • Software : XSI

    • Programming Languages : Mel scripting language, VBscript, C++, Perl

    • Main productions : “Batman the ride”, “Toto sapore”

  • Avtoma : Technical Director / Research TD : los angeles, usa : 2002-2003

    • PreProduction development of pipelines and techniques

    • Maya/XSI scripting as well as C++ coding.

    • Image Based Modeling/Lighting/Animation software development and pipeline definition.

    • Software: XSI, Maya, Softimage Behaviour

    • Programming Languages : Mel scripting language, VBscript, C++

    • Main productions : HDRI light rigging implemented on XSI v2.1

  • Phoenix Tools : Software designer engineering, Content Group Team Leader : milan, italy : 2000-2002

    • Designin g architecture and porting software in Maya Environments and Maya shaders.

    • Leading the Content Group in creating documentation, producing tutorials and content.

    • Software: Maya, XSI

    • Programming Languages : Mel scripting language, C++

    • Main productions : Maya crowd system

  • Metrolight studios : Technical Director / Research TD : los angeles, usa : 1996-2000

    • Modeling and animation with off-the-shelf and in-house tools for feature films and commercials.

    • Developing production pipeline and MAYA plugins and Renderman shader.

    • Software : Maya, Alias, Renderman, Matador, WavefrontPV.

    • Programming languages : Mel scripting language, C/C++ language, Perl, Rman.

    • Main productions : “Dragonheart II”,”Kull the conqueror”,”Matilda”,”For richer or Poorer”,”Jingle all the way”,”Seigfried and Roy: the magic box”,”Poseidon's fury: escape from the lost city”
  • Post 625 : CG generalist : turin, italy : 1994-1996

    • Modeling, C/L, animation for commercial and company profiles.

    • Developing production pipeline and Softimage custom plugins aimed to increase productivity and more efficient software applications.

    • Software : Softimage, Matador, Alias, Photoshop, Aldus Freehand

  • Dune : CG generalist : turin, italy : 1993-1994

    • Modeling, C/L, animation for commercial, company profiles, architecture visualization and environmental impact

  • IMMAGINA : Owner, CG generalist : turin, italy : 1990-1993

    • Modeling, C/L, animation for company profiles, architecture visualization and environmental impact.

    • Developing software such as particle system, L-System compiler, file format conversion and many others

Related Experience

  • Immersive multimedia, multi-user and interactive systems such as musem and artistic installations. Software packages such as “Processing”, “vvvv”, “Eyesweb” and “MAX/MSP”.

    • Installations: “otto X otto” interactive table @ Fraskettando SkaBluesJazz Festival, Alessandria, May 2007.

Other Work Experience

  • Eltrac : turin, italy

    • Software/Firmware/Hardware project technician for the automotive industries

  • Proel System : turin, italy

    • Project technician for industrial automation

    • Gained experience developing HW/SW on Z80 and 8086

  • Olivetti OPE : turin, italy

    • Member of the project team to develop analog/digital read and write circuits on hard disk


I have completed the following courses :

  • Certification of equivalency of degree of “Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production” issued by 'Mornigside evaluation and consulting”, New York.

  • Illustration course 1988/89 at 'Scuola d'arte e design' in Torino.

  • Course for film critics and directors 1989/90 at 'Istituto R. Magritte' in Torino.

  • Course of art studies and pictorial techniques 1982/89 at 'Scuola d'arte M.Cusinato' in Torino.

  • Program of studies for 'Electronics Technician Diploma' 1982/83. Graduated with a grade of 54 out of a possible of 60 points at 'E.Maiorana State Technical and Industrial Institute' in Torino.



Resume is downloadable in the following formats:

.PDF (english)

.DOC (english)

.DOC (italiano)





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